A few things I often get asked...


Are you insured?

- Yes, I am fully insured. Let me know if you fancy some late night reading or need a copy for your venue.

Can I bring my pet?

You need to check with the venue as everywhere has their own policies but if they are ok with it then please do!
I am a total animal nut! I know how important our fur babies are to us. You may have to stop me fussing them though.

What if it rains?

- FAMILIES: I will be weather watching in the days leading up to your shoot. We can discuss the options before the day of the shoot but here is a basic run down. 1) Embrace it. A bit of rain can be a lot of fun! Put on your wellies and get the brollies out, I will be right there with you. 2) Rearrange it. Check our diaries and reschedule. Keep fingers crossed it doesn't rain again. 3)Cancel it. If you had your heart set on the shoot being on that exact day at that exact time, and you don't want to get wet or reschedule, I can offer a refund. I will be sad though.

- WEDDINGS: If it rains on your wedding day it doesn't have to be a bad thing. I love the rain, it can be quite refreshing. We can wait for a break in the downpour and make a mad dash for some super romantic/dramatic shots. Think 'The Notebook". If you don't fancy getting wet then photos can be taken inside your venue. Unfortunately I have no control over our wonderfully unpredictable weather. I am always prepared for it though!

How long until we get our photos?

- It usually takes 4-6 weeks for me to finish with your photos. It can vary depending on time of year and how popular I am at that precise moment. I will let you know a better timeframe at the end of your shoot. Weddings will get a few sneak peeks within the first week.

If you need your photos quickly, or you're like me and a tad impatient, then a 'Rush Me' fee of £50 can be applied. 

What if someone is poorly?

If someone is poorly in the lead up to, or on the day we can reschedule to a different day, when everyone is full of beans again.

If I am unwell in the lead up to, or on the day of the shoot, I will give you plenty of warning and you will have the choice to either reschedule or have a refund. It will have to wait until I have recovered though!

WEDDINGS: Should, for any reason, I not be able to attend on the day of your wedding, I will send another photographer in my place. You will be in very good hands. Their work will be just as fabulous as mine. Do not panic! Enjoy your amazing day.

Can we book you?

- Of course you can! It would be my absolute pleasure! Send a message my way and we can get chatting.


Crissi’s always smiling face and her dedication gave us some perfect pictures.
— Sheenu