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I am Crissi (Christina if I’m in trouble or feeling fancy!) and I am the face behind the camera. I love being outside and I love cake!

You? You’re somebody that wants to know a little bit more about yours truly! You’ve found my website, looked at my work and decided you’d like to know a bit more about me, so below are some fun facts about yours truly - I hope you are sitting comfortably and you’ve got a drink to hand. And maybe some snacks…

I have been married to Bobby for 7 years and we've been together almost 12. He is my best friend and my partner in crime. Without his support I never would have started this little dream of mine. No joke - he is amazing. He’s also good at literally everything he turns his hands to. I kind of hate him for it. (In a loving way, obviously.) We have two beautiful daughters, Willow and Ivy, who you may notice dotted around this website. I’m not being biased when I say that they are heart-stoppingly gorgeous. Willow is insanely cheeky and loves nothing more than trying to scare people with her ferocious roar. Ivy's favourite game is peek-a-boo and she loves to run. She adores her big sister and seeing them together makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

“Strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them” 
I know them, I am them and  I’m most definitely raising them! #iwd2019
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I'm both excited and nervous for the amount of mischief that they will cause! I want them to grow up reaching for the stars and believing in the impossible. Our little bubble of crazy is completed by our fur babies; a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Ptera (dactyl) who is a whirlwind of energy but loves nothing more than a lap to cuddle on, and our latest addition - two gorgeous rescue kitties, Joey and Jaffa! We’ve only just rehomed them so are still learning all about them. What I do know is, they are the most playful, loving little cats and I’m so pleased we could give them their forever place.

Dinosaurs! They are awesome. I studied Geology alongside Photography at college just so I could learn more about them. We each have a dinosaur in the family. Mine is a Diplodocus. Bobby's is a Triceratops. We cannot agree on dinosaurs for the girls. Any suggestions send them my way! It also doesn't help that I keep going to Ivysaur (can you guess who for?) I loved Pokemon when I was younger!

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My little family is my world and that is what spurred me on to start this little adventure. I've been up and running since summer 2016, shortly after Willow came into our world. I started out as Little Owl Photography, specialising in photographing children and families. I know just how fleeting all these moments are, as our babies grow up too fast, and I love capturing the bond between parents, children and siblings.

After a few months I received my first wedding enquiry and I jumped at the chance! Having shot a few in the past with my Mum (who is a gifted photographer I might add!) I knew it was something I loved doing. I am a hopeless romantic, so to be able to capture other peoples love stories is an absolute dream. I'm also super nosy, so being part of your plans from the very start as well as being able to watch the day progress, meet your loved ones and learn all about you is definitely an added perk.


I have a very relaxed approach. I like to see real emotions in my work, crinkled eyes and belly laughs that you can almost feel when you look through them. Sprinkle them with a little bit of love and that about sums up what you're going to get should you book me for family memories or your wedding.
You'll most likely get some really awful jokes too. Sorry about that…
So! Now you know how and why I do what I do, and about some of my quirks, I’d love to know some of yours! Get in touch and tell me everything. I cannot wait to hear from you.

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